Tenderness: the texture of age

“Tenderness: the texture of age” was Chia-yu’s Master thesis, she focused on sustainable design strategies and the study of life cycle impacts of mulberry silk, which made comparisons of the environmental impacts from traditional mulberry silk and organic peace silk.

The collection was created for children and the elder with the design concept of “Design with Mindfulness”. Working with various organic peace silks as well as sewing by cotton threads to determine with environmentally friendly materials. All the garments were developed with geometrical patterns to reduce pre-consumer waste (industrial waste), meanwhile, considering extending the lifespan of clothes some items are designed to grow with kids. Most of all, the garments dyed with natural dyes and made with hand pleating, which gave unique textures on each clothes.

The inspiration drew from the artworks of Kawase Toshiro, the master of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement). The combination of seasonal wildflowers and ancient vases referred to the balance of energy from nature and elegance from crafts, and the day-by-day practice was a symbol of sustain. For her, children are like fresh wildflowers, who are full of energy, and the elder is a symbol of the simple ancient vases. We can discover textures of age on both of them.